It is obvious that no can see their loved ones or family member into deep holes of addiction of illicit substances therefore generally the family members of the addict are more anxious and troubled than addict itself. It is very difficult task for an addict to get completely out of trap of addiction without any external help. First we all have to understand that addictions are of various illicit substances so their effect on body and mind also vary from one another. Sometimes we take addict to hospitals and clinics, in case of him/her not feeling well physically or in case of overdose. After being treated in hospital or clinic maximum addicts return to their previous routine which also includes abusing illicit substances.

We can tackle the sin of addiction for ourselves and for our family members, if we handle this disease properly. The treatment of this disease in rehabilitation centre or nasha mukti kendra can be a tough task and can also be of longer time span but this method works best out of all the available options. There are many of reasons for considering rehabilitation centre or nasha mukti Kendra as the best option. To understand the treatment undergo in rehabilitation centre or nasha mukti kendra in broader way, we have to know that addiction victim can be of any age group and can be from any section of society. The demon of addiction does not differentiate between rich and poor, it effects all in same way. For a successful treatment of this disease we have to work on both our body and our mind. An addict also has to change his lifestyle for sustaining soberness over a longer period of time. We generally seek options that work only on physical condition of an addict that is why the patient tends to relapse after a shorter period of time. We should be aware of the fact that these addictive substances have high intensity of attraction and to avoid getting into the trap of addiction it becomes significantly necessary for recovered patient to prepare mentally.

In rehabilitation centre or nasha mukti kendra the treatment of the patient done according to the factors such as age and type of addictive substance. Since different substance has different effects and to add on here, the mentality with age also changes of every individual therefore the treatment procedure and time span also changes. This is the most important thing about rehabilitation centre or nasha mukti kendra. Apart from that all the appointed personnel by the rehab centre is dedicated to the profession of de-addiction or nasha mukti.

Generally, a genuine rehab centre appoints physician, psychiatrist, counselor, and yoga and exercise instructor with other supporting staff. We get all these key facilities required for proper treatment under one roof. Most of the staff appointed by the rehabilitation centre or nasha mukti kendra are familiar with devastating effects of pro-longed addiction and they understand mental condition of the recovering patient at each step. Hence, they are able to help them recover in better way. Psychiatrist and counselor appointed here has experience in dealing with all kind of addicts, they also prescribe medicines only if needed to overcome their problems such as depression, insomnia etc. It is often seen that after becoming physically well for sometime the recovering patient might think of addictive substance or perhaps crave for it mentally. In that case counselor plays a vital role in eliminating those thoughts conclusively. All these factors combined contribute in successful recovery from addiction.

Many rehab centre also help patients if he/she willingly seek consultation of rehab centre in case of relapse. The statics in our nation of addiction victims is gradually increasing by year. In this situation the option of rehabilitation centre or nasha mukti kendra is most effective medium because it produces more successful results than any other.